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Puppies will be due on November 22, 2005

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Canadian Champion Islandwest Mercedes and American Champion Lazy D's Red Devil are expecting puppies on November 22, 2005.  There will be fawn and apricot available.
We will be adding shortly picutures of the mama to be, she changes everyday bigger and bigger at this point we are not sure how many she will be having.  I will be adding updates as they come available
Puppy prices on a non-breeding contract is 2500.00
Puppy prices on a Breeding contract is 3000.00
All prices are in US funds

Mercedes reabsorbed her puppies on the 19th of November, we were really upset about what happened, But Mercedes is fine and she will make a full recovery, which we are really happy about.  I would still like to breed Mercedes to Damien, but not sure yet if we will or not, I am a little scared to do shipped semen again. 
Mercedes had a C section at Island Veterinary clinic on the 19th of November 2005.  There was one puppy in there and she was dead at birth.  Mercedes We think reabsorbed her puppies at different times throughout her pregnancy because she wasn't producing enough of the hormone.  We did testing and there was no ecoli or any other type of bacteria.
We will be adding some pictures to Mercedes web site site and information on any breedings we plan to do,  We may also be showing Mercedes a little this year, The Mastiff Specialty will be in Vancouver this year in July and we are hoping to take part in that.
Site updated February 22, 2006

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